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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How old do I have to be to stay with SunHost?

A. No one under the age of 25 may make a reservation. There must be one adult at least 25 years of age occupying the property. No vacationing students or chaperoned parties are permitted.

Q. Is there a minimum stay requirement?

A. Minimum stays vary by season, unit and complex. We offer a few units that allow 2 nights minimum, many with 3 nights and others that are 7 nights. During the winter season the minimum stay is normally 7 to 14 days, depending on the complex. Additionally, during holiday weeks our minimum stays range from 4 to 7 nights. Managent reserves the right to make exceptions.

Q. Are beach chairs provided?

A. Some individual units have beach chairs in them. If they are in the unit, the owner has provided them or a previous guest has left them. SunHost Resorts does not supply beach chairs. Each SunHost Resort has lounges and chairs around the pool and patio areas. Also, there is a beach service on Madeira Beach that rents cabanas.

Q. Can I rent cribs/highchairs & strollers?

A. SunHost Does not rent baby equipment, but we reccommend you contact

Q. Are there laundries?

A. Currently, Crimson, Madeira Norte, Beach Place (Select 3 Bedrooms), Las Brisas, The Shores and RamSea units have individual washers/dryers. Some Resorts have coin laundries. Please check each web page carefully to determine this information.

Q. Will we have maid or towel service?

A. ALL SunHost units have towels and linens as required by the State of Florida. Beach towels are not provided. Maid/Linen/Towel service is provided only at the Surf Song Resort. At Surf Song Resort, Maid/Towel service is provided every 7 days. Example: if you are staying for 14 days, maids will come in on the 7th day of your stay and provide maid service and fresh towels and linens. At other SunHost Resorts there is no maid, towel or linen service. If you require, maid service can be made available at other SunHost Resorts at an additional charge. Please call for details.

Q. Are the kitchens equipped?

A. All kitchens are equipped with pots/pans/utensils dishes, glasses, etc. Also provided are a coffee maker, toaster, iron/ironing board & vacuum. If you require a special item for the kitchen we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Q. Are smoking units available?

A. SunHost has a limited number of smoking allowed units. All units allow smoking on the balconies. Please request at time of booking.

Q. Can we stay for an odd number of days? Example: 9 or 17 days?

A. During the winter season odd stays may be limited. Most arrivals and departures must be Saturday or Sunday during winter season. During other seasons we will gladly accommodate arrivals during the week or odd stays, depending on the unit type & availability.

Q. My stay spans two rate periods, how should I figure the rent?

A. In most instances rates are prorated for the days that fall into each rate period. Example: Arrival Jan 31 for a week. Rent would be calculated for 1 day at January rate and six days at February rate.

Q. Is parking free?

A. Yes. All resorts have private off street parking, at least one spot per unit. However, all have limited parking and strict visitor policies. Additional or Visitor parking is not guaranteed. Off property parking may be purchased from City owned lots. You can contact the city at 727.391.9951