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John's Pass Village & Boardwalk

John's Pass Village & Boardwalk

History tells us that John's Pass was created by a major hurricane in 1848. The ferocious storm cut a large passage through the barrier island that today separates Madeira Beach to the north & Treasure Island to the south. Named after it's discoverer Jean "John" Levach, a local sea turtle hunter and fisherman. Over the next hundred or so years the John's Pass area has changed from a sleepy fishing village into what is today a vibrant shopping & entertainment district at the southernmost part of Madeira Beach.

Home to over 100 shops, restaurants, galleries and nightclubs, the Village has become a destination for many visiting our area. John's Pass also features commercial and charter fishing as well as casino and sightseeing cruises, boat & jet-ski rentals and parasailing.

Located directly across from Surf Song, Crimson, Beach Place & Madeira Norte condo rentals. Just about a mile or so south of Villa Madeira & Las Brisas.

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