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30 Jan 2020
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Madeira Beach Vacation Tips

When you visit Madeira Beach, you will be greeted by an amazing beach, an eclectic selection of shops for some unique shopping, and some amazing restaurants. Being so close to the water also means fresh seafood. So, don't miss out. Check out these 6 most popular seafood restaurants in Madeira Beach and see for yourself.

Dockside Dave's

This is a family-run and locally owned restaurant that has graced Madeira Beach since 1984. Upon visiting, you can choose from an assortment of appetizers, soups, fresh from the garden items, and specialty seafood sandwiches that are mouthwatering and delectable.

Conch Republic

Looking for more of a tropical getaway? Conch Republic provides you with an island experience in a casual and fun environment. They offer a great selection of fresh seafood and huge portions.

Friendly Fisherman Restaurant

This seafood restaurant was opened in 1978 and is more of a marina style diner. They have straight seafood, including shucked oysters, coming right from the Gulf of Mexico. As you eat, you can also enjoy an amazing view of the fishing fleets and everything Florida nature has to offer.

Seabreeze Island Grill

This not only boasts of everything from the sea but also appeals to those land lovers as well, so there is something for everyone. It is good for lunch or dinner. They offer fresh raw oysters, island clams, conch fritters, crispy calamari and so much more to get started.

Wahoo's Waterside Pub & Patio

If you are looking for a friendly environment and a tasty fried grouper sandwich, then this is the place for you. You will also find creole shrimp and an amazing bowl of corn chowder.

Guppy's on the Beach

Finally, with a large assortment of meals from land and sea, this local seafood restaurant definitely delivers. They have daily specials, happy hour, as well as early dinner specials and have won a variety of Open Table rewards.

So, when you feel like dining in a restaurant offering a great atmosphere, even better food, and amazing service in Madeira Beach, you will definitely find it in any one of the above 6 seafood restaurants. Happy eating!