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3 Jan 2024
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Madeira Beach Vacation Tips

Grab the leash and a handful of treats because we're diving nose-first into the wonderful world that is dog parks! Did you know the average hotel room is only 325 Sqaure Feet? I think we can all agree thats not nearly enough for your bestfriend's span of attention. This blog will delve into 5 of the top dog parks and beaches in the Madeira Beach area, so you and your pet have a safe place to let out that energy, and enjoy the scenery. From the historic ruins of Fort Desoto, to the scenic pine forrest of Walsingham Park, we're excited to share all that the Madeira Beach area has to offer.

ROC Dog Park

ROC Dog Park

The ROC Dog Park is nestled inside the Madeira Beach Remember Our Children Park. Open from sunrise to sunset, this park offers accommodations for dogs of all sizes. There are two separate off-leash areas for large and small dogs, as well as water fountains for both owners and pets alike. If you want to bring the whole family, the ROC park is stocked with a full playground, baseball fields, tennis courts, and even a full fishing dock.

Walsingham Park

Walsingham Dog Park

Walsingham Park is a 354-acre park with a 100-acre lake, making it one of the largest parks in Pinellas County. Located inside the county park, Walsingham is very popular because its off-leash sections are very large, as well as split for both large and small dogs. It should be noted that the whole park is dog-friendly, but the off-leash sections are located on the west side of the park in a fenced location. The park's hours are from sunrise to sunset.

John Maroni Memorial Dog Park

John Maroni Dog Park

Located just over the John’s Pass bridge in Treasure Island, this dog park is located inside Rosselli Park. There are two large fenced-in off-leash areas split for large and small dogs. This particular location is enjoyed for its extensive shade and dog water fountains. Outside of the leash-off section are popular walking trails, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, a horseshoe pit, a basketball hoop, and picnic tables.

Dog Park Beach in Fort Desoto Park

Fort Desoto Beach

This is one of the most popular dog beaches in all of Pinellas County, located near the actual ruins of Fort Desoto. This section of pristine, gulf-side real estate is specifically sanctioned off for our furry friends. Located near the beach is also a paw playground area that includes two sectioned-off areas for small and large dogs. Also included are water fountains and rinsing to get the salt and sand off of all of us before the journey home. Note that Fort Desoto does have a $5 fee for entry, just a small price to pay for protected paradise!

War Veterans Memorial Park

War Veterans Memorial Park

This location in Bay Pines includes another dog-friendly beach. This 122-acre park is dedicated to veterans of our armed forces, and so there are many monuments and even some remnants of wars passed in the park. It is important to be mindful of this as you enjoy the scenery. Otherwise, it is a great place for you and your furry pals to unwind. Being that the park is so large, it is particularly popular on leash walking location.

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