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28 Feb 2018
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Madeira Beach Vacation Tips

Shop Til You Drop In Madeira Beach

Looking for a great place to shop near your vacation rental? John's Pass Boardwalk is the place to go. Here are the shops you need to visit.

More than 75 million people vacation in Florida every year and you're one of the lucky ones!

Maybe you go on a trip every year or this is the vacation of a lifetime.

Either way, your bags are packed and your wallet is full. Now that you know where you're staying, the next question is: Where do you go shopping??

John's Pass Boardwalk is the ultimate shopping destination for those who have chosen to travel to Madiera Beach.

Dive in to discover the can't-miss, shop 'til you drop, "take all my money" stores along the Boardwalk.

Windy or Not This Boardwalk Shop Is Open

Now that you've made it to John's Pass Boardwalk, let your ears guide you on down to Windworks.

This store boasts ones of the largest selections of wind chimes in Florida!

Anything and everything to do with wind, they've got it covered.

Kites, flags, windsocks, and other wind-related products are here for all ages. You'll even find a ship in a bottle and hammock chairs.

Don't miss this shop!

Exchange Your Money for Herbs and Spices on John's Pass Boardwalk

As you walk along the boardwalk, engage your next sense - your nose - and follow it to the Spice & Tea Exchange of John's Pass.

With tons of variety, this shop features spices, rubs, salts and peppers, and teas. It's a wonderland for your nose!

Though some shoppers remark on the prices, most also are floored by the quality of the products.

Buy what you like in bulk or find a new kitchen gadget to take home if your spice cabinet is already bursting.

If you're hungry after taking in these amazing smells, don't forget to check out one of Madeira Beach's stand-out seafood restaurants.

Treat Your Eyes at the Landing Company

After you've had a bite to eat, it's time to your boardwalk shopping spree. Stop in at the Landing Company for sparkly gifts.

They have some of the most beautiful sterling silver pieces and specialize in nautical designs.

Find yourself a swimming dolphin, swaying palm tree, or sunning starfish.

Whatever you desire that will help you remember your vacation best, they have it for you!

Play in the Sand

This one isn't just for kids!

This is for anyone who loves the beach and wants to engage their sense of touch in making a unique souvenir.

At My Sandbox, choose from rocks, shells, sea glass, shark teeth and more to create your personalized art.

Add footprints or handprints - great for small children!

The owner of this small shop works closely with her customers to help them make timeless mementos.

Endless Shopping on John's Pass Boardwalk

Don't let this list fool you; there are dozens more shops waiting to be explored!

Shopping in Madeira Beach is made even easier by the closeness of many resorts, including the SunHost Resorts, which rivals many in proximity to John's Pass Boardwalk.

If you're ready to book a vacation and get your shopping on, go ahead and contact us to book today!