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Dining Breakfast Seafood & Steak

This business started back in January 2011 down the street as a little coffee shop with a used Craigslist espresso machine, a  couple of butane camp stove burners, auction furnishings, Kahwa coffee and crazy popular muffins this new life began. Within weeks Steam started serving full breakfast and within a few months Chill opened for dinner in the adjoining space.   Our philosophy is this:  if you were planning a big party at home for very special guests, you would clean up all day!  You would shop carefully for each ingredient & find the freshest produce possible. You would greet your friends warmly with enthusiasm.  You would cook each item carefully. You would be grateful to cater to their every need. Then you would give each one a warm hug goodbye. And, if you are blessed, they will come again.  We strive to live this each day, each meal, one day at a time.