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Come check out the closest theme park to your unit! Located in Tampa, Busch Gardens is a perfect mix between roller coasters and an exoctic zoo. This park is 335 acres of African themed amuesment. You can ride world famous roller coasters like the 60mph Montu (former #3 roller coaster in the world), or the 90 degree straight free fall on the Sheikra (Former #13 Roller Coaster in the world). Roller coasters and theme park rides not your thing? Check out the Serengeti Plane! 65 acres of free-roam wildlife habitat home to many of Africa's most exotic species. If you have young children, we recommend heading to the Sesame Street Safari of Fun Land or let them climb through the trees at the Jungala rope bridges and chimpanzee observation decks. No matter what, this park is determined to make the day fun for the whole family.