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4 Jun 2019
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Madeira Beach Vacation Tips

There Are Plenty Of Ways To Explore Our Beautiful Beach On Wheels

Checking out our beautiful beaches on foot is fun, but why not cover more ground with a great set of wheels? When we mention wheels, we’re not referring to a car, but a way to travel around and have fun while still taking in all the sights and sounds. A few recommendations we have for your next trip include:

  •  Bicycle rentals – Enjoying our beaches by bike is one of the most popular ways to go. You can travel far distances, enjoy days as a family, and make all the stops you want along the way without missing a beat. We have a few great bicycle rental shops in the area so you can get just the bike you want, like Trail Sport Bicycles in Seminole, or Shoreline Surf Shop over in Redington Beach.
  • Scooter rentals – For couples, few ways to explore are more fun than scooter rentals. At Florida Beach Excursions, single person scooter rentals give you a way to check out the beaches like maybe never before.
  • Segway – Segways are a ton of fun, and they give you a new way to explore our beaches that you might not be able to experience anywhere else. Riding a Segway is incredibly simple, and most riders catch on very quickly. At Remi’s Segway Tours and Magic Carpet Glide Segway rentals and tours are available for a great day out on the beach.
  • Golf cart rentals – Golf cart rentals are the perfect way for families to experience our Florida beaches together! These fun little vehicles can comfortably seat families of 2, 4, or more and may be driven on roads with a mph of 35 or less.

Whether you decide to go on foot, or rent yourself a set of wheels for your beach adventures, we can’t wait to see you on your next trip to Madeira Beach - Book Online or Contact us at today!